Hi my name is MILTA. I’m a Chi-Rican that’s a Puerto Rican born in Chicago. I started here in APMS in 2017 and three weeks later I came downstairs to work in PCP. I started doing vital signs in Pre-OP and from there I did such a fine job that they asked me if I would like to work in the O.R. and do Scribing and of course I accepted but I only did that for three months and that was not my cup of tea. I was then placed in Post-Op where I do great job taking out IV’s, patients, ordering our supplies, decorating and anything that would make our jobs here in PCP go a lot smoother. I also learned to sterilize instruments for the O.R. I have the opportunity of working in inventory on Friday’s or when needed. Dr. Daitch has given me the opportunity of allowing me to go study a on-line course of doing IV’s in which I passed with flying colors so now I’ll do your IV when you come to get a procedure. I love my job here and the nurses and other co-workers that work along the side of me. I’m a jack of all trades and I plan to stick around here long enough to retire. My favorite pass time is reading the scriptures and listening to Christian music.